Listen To Your Body

There isn’t an American alive today whose life hasn’t been touched by machines. And while technology advances our society, pushing human ingenuity to heights never before dreamed of, our immersion into life with machines cripples us as much as it aids us.  Think about how much we are surrounded every day by machines that turn … Continue reading Listen To Your Body

You Are Not Alone

The road to recovery can feel lonely. Here you are in therapy, avoiding triggers, your mind is probably consumed all day, every day with just trying to get through the day. Meanwhile your friends and family are going about their lives like nothing’s changed. Because for them, nothing has. All the change is occurring with … Continue reading You Are Not Alone

Learn To Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. Cliché but true.  Recovery is a serious time with a bundle of deep emotions rising to the surface. You’re probably dealing with anxiety or depression or both. You’re figuring out your negative beliefs and where they came from. You’re struggling and stumbling just to get through the day. And it … Continue reading Learn To Laugh


We see in all the colors of the rainbow, and yet we tend to think in black and white. Up, down. Cold, hot. Good, bad. Love, hate. Empty, full. Yet, all these opposites have middle grounds. Think of the canopy of the rainforest. It is up from all the creatures who dwell on the ground, … Continue reading Awareness